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a little of everything

3 person show

Administered by 3 people with a different spectrum of personality

Joan Raylle

Hello, I am not a banana. I am an undergraduate Chemical Engineering student with passion for multiple aspect in life. I wanna conquer the world with fiction, cats, and sarcasm. I hate cucumber and spinach but still eat them to extort dominance over vegetables (and to show off). I sing off-key and like chocolates with tea.

I’m not exactly an introvert, and not even close to being an extrovert. A similar opposite, but an opposite opposite. I don’t like phone calls and doing presentation (unless I now I’m right, and damn well will fight for my belief), but I love taking pictures and sharing cookies.

People often underestimate my ability to be an asshole, but that’s okay, I like proving them wrong each time. I prefer animals rather than humans, but I still vote for human and not aliens. I speak gibberish, but write eloquently most of the time.

I am Catholic but at the same time I am also a female. I love green more than pink, but pink more than red. Take your time to know me in my writings, and I’ll make sure to make a fool out of myself one of these days. 

Mordoxx Wel

A username I use for almost every account I have. 

I’m a male with a sexual orientation for them same gender as me (Yes, I’m gay). I tend to tell others that at the beginning to save myself from unwanted drama or complications. 

Fitness junkie with a not-so-fit body. Still improving to reach that #bodygoals but failing miserably because I like to eat. I also have a camera, which would mostly translate as me being a photographer. But alas, no. It’s a mere hobby, because I am a Civil Engineering graduate. I can appreciate a good face, and love taking picture of people with stories in the curve of their smiles, and whispers of secrets in their scars. Oh. I’m a poet too. Currently collaborating with Joan to incorporate my writings in her book. 

I’m a bit self-aware of my sexuality. But once I passed that, I strive for the best and won’t settle for less. Can’t say I’m perfect, but compared to those other two, I might as well be. I write of emotion and feelings, but that’s just me saying I’m single and looking for a cuddle-buddy.

Random thoughts will be written at some point. But will only be published after a huge amount of time. 

Miche Rune

Miche is a real name. But Rune is an additional name because, why not. Unlike them, I don’t have a lot to say. And so, all my writings will be straight to the point. I’m a simple girl, so I write simple things.

My attention span is short, so if I like something, I write about it, and I publish it. If there are mistakes, forgive my ignorant ass. I just learned that I am human, and I tend to do that shit.

I venture from one thing to another, so sometimes I can be in multiple fandom at once, or post 2 entirely different topics on the same day. I can’t, for the love of God, stay still. Even in real life, I’m a bit messed up. But I’m trying my best like the two of them, so look forward to it.


Why do you write?

I have major social anxiety. Thus making it hard for me to speak my mind about something. So, I express myself more freely, eloquently, and coherently in my writings.

Wel have a lot of time in his hand. And he writes when he’s bored.

Miche is trying to get away from people. She’s escaping her reality of doing thing others wouldn’t expect her to.

Will you post daily?

Probably not. All 3 of us are masters of procrastination. We’ll write something as draft, and when we have time we’ll review it several times before questioning our capabilities to write and further the delay of posting anything at all. Then there will come a time when we say, “Fuck this” and post things as it was (horribly) written.

Are you good at writing?

I’m (Miche) the only one with the qualification to write professionally. Those two just have a lot of free times on their hands. However, mistakes are inevitable even for a qualified person, so please enjoy our mistake-induced articles.

Are you human?

JR – Probably not. I thin I’m more like a plastic bag, or a homicidal cat. Leaning more towards the cat, to be honest.

MW – Once.

MR – Yeah.

Do you accept criticism?

Always. But be gentle, we’re not as young as we use to be. Especially me (Wel).

Any published book?

Coming soon in 2019 – Joan Raylle

Are you looking for a partner to take over the world?

Nope. I am not sharing world domination with any more humans. – Joan Raylle

What about for a platonic/romantic relationship?

JR – I am open for a platonic relationship as long as they know how to respect my boundaries. However for a romantic relationship, I’m looking for a soulmate whom I can be intimate and childish with. Currently being courted by someone, so we’ll see how that goes.

MW – I had lots of backstabber so I’m gonna decline any platonic relationship. The friends I have now are the only one I need so far. Only interested in a professional relationship so far.

MR – No to everything. I have a boyfriend.


World Domination 76%
Sarcasm 100%
Gayness 60%
Awkward Flirting 33.3%
Banana 85%

Joan Raylle

Mordoxx Wel

Miche Rune